3:30 PM – 0012 Westbrook – Divinity School

1.    Approval of minutes from April 22 meeting (minutes)

2.    Nomination of Candidates for Earned Degrees

3.    Appointment of Faculty Ombudsman (background)

4.    Vote – Proposal to create a masters degree program in Biostatistics

5.    Vote – Proposal to create two new masters degrees and one new doctoral degree in the Divinity School

6.    Vote – Proposal to create a master of fine arts degree in experimental & documentary  arts

7.    Continued discussion regarding the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

8.    Update on the Athletic Council — Michael Gillespie, Chair

9.    Report from the Academic Programs Committee –Lynn Smith-Lovin, Chair

10.  Report from the University Priorities Committee — Warren Grill, Chair
       (background document)

11.  [Executive Session] – Vote on Honorary Degrees for 2011