The Academic Council and the Executive Committee which it elects are the chief instruments of faculty governance at Duke University with each containing representatives from across the University and the School of Medicine. The Bylaws of the University invite the Faculty in general to organize themselves for discussion of matters of interest and to provide for representation of faculty opinion to the Administration and to the Trustees.

Kerry Haynie, Chair

Duke Today article on Chair Kerry Haynie


Agenda for February 20, 2020



Council Chair Kerry Haynie and ECAC hope to reschedule certain items that were on today’s agenda for a future meeting this semester.​


Annual Faculty & Academic Council Meeting
February 20, 2020
3:30 – 5:00 PM
0012 Westbrook Building (Divinity School)

1. Welcome / Approval of minutes from the January 16, 2020 meeting (minutes)

2. Anonymous question submitted for the Administration:

Regarding the recent reporting in the Wall Street Journal about the Department of Education investigation into Harvard and Yale in terms of foreign funding, has Duke received any queries from any federal agency along the lines of what’s reported in this article? Are there any known Duke violations of the reporting regulations?

3. ​Toward Duke's Second Century: President Vincent Price

4. Duke Kunshan University Coronavirus Update: Executive Vice Provost Jennifer Francis and Vice President, Administration Kyle Cavanaugh

5. Announcements from the Chair

6. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discussion / Vote for an honorary degree candidate for Commencement 2020

Reception to follow the meeting