3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.  Announcements

2.  Approval of minutes from the April 19 meeting (minutes)

3.  Nomination of Candidates for Earned Degrees

4.  Election of the Faculty Ombudsman (background)

5.  Vote – Proposal from the School of Nursing regarding changes in tenure-track titles
Background: (1 of 4) (2 of 4) (3 of 4) (4 of 4)

6.  Vote – Proposal for a Master’s Degree in Global Health at Duke-Kunshan University
(Proposal) (Merson cover letter) (Provost approval) (APC resolution) (APC chair memo) (Faculty Staffing Plan)

7.  Annual Update from the chair of the Academic Programs Committee – Professor John York

8.  Annual Update from the chair of the University Priorities Committee – Professor John Payne

9.  Annual Update from the chair of the Athletic Council – Professor Jim Coleman

10. Update from the Faculty Athletic Representative – Professor Martha Putallaz
Please see information at this link: http://www.oneafar.org/  and (1A FAR STATEMENT)

11. [EXECUTIVE SESSION]: Vote on Honorary Degrees for 2013