3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.  Approve minutes of the October 23 meeting (minutes)

2.  Vote on proposal from the Duke Global Health Institute to establish a Masters of Science degree

3.  Athletic Council Presentation regarding Undergraduate Admissions – Michael Gillespie

4.  Question for the President:

“In the Nov. 7 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education the tuition and fees for most of the universities in the United States are given for 2007/2008 and 2008/2009. Duke’s tuition and fees for 2008/2009 are $37,925, a 6.8% increase over the previous year. For Princeton the tuition and fees for 2008/2009 are $34,920, for Harvard they are $36,173 and for Yale they are $35,300. In light of current economic conditions, do you think that our higher tuition and fees are sustainable at Duke?”

5.  Capital Building Plans – Tallman Trask

6.  Proposed language for the Faculty Handbook to include accelerated leaves – Peter Lange

7.  SACS Re-accreditation & Quality Enhancement Plan Update – Judith Ruderman, Tolly Boatwright & Prasad Kasibhatla