3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.    Approval of minutes of April 19, 2007 meeting (minutes)

2.    Announcements

3.    Nomination of Candidates for Earned Degrees

4.    [Executive Session]: Vote on Honorary Degrees

5.    Vote on Proposal to change the name of the Division of Coastal Systems Science and Policy to the Division of Marine Science and Conservation

6.    Vote on proposal to change the name of the Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences to Department of Statistical Science

7.    University Priorities Committee Report – Jim Cox, Chair

8.    Proposed Faculty Handbook language for the Appointment Promotion and Tenure Appeal Process – Provost Peter Lange

9.    Proposed Flexible Work Arrangement Policy for Regular Rank Faculty Members – Nancy Allen, Vice Provost for  Faculty Diversity and Faculty Development

10.  Update on Central Campus – Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President