3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.      Welcome / Announcements

2.      Approval of minutes from the January 17, 2013 meeting (minutes)

3.      Upcoming business

4.      Result from the recent election of the Academic Council chair for 2013-15

5.      Vote: Proposal from the Neurology Division to transition to a Department
        (Provost’s memo) (APC resolution) (Executive summary)

6.      DKU update from Provost Peter Lange

7.      Recognition of and remarks by Professor Emeritus Jack Preiss

8.      Council Conversation: Teaching and Learning at the University
        Moderator: Peter Burian, Dean of the Humanities and Professor of Studies & Theater Studies
        Discussants:Brenda Armstrong, School of Medicine, Ian Baucom, English and Mohamed Noor, Biology