Thursday, December 4, 1997
139 Social Sciences – 3:45 p.m.

1.    Announcements

2.    Continuation of Discussion of the Duke Managed Care Plan – Member Health Care Survey Results:

John Payne, Chair, Faculty Compensation Committee
Ken Spenner, Faculty Compensation Committee
H. Clint Davidson, Associate Vice President Human Resources
John Erb of William M. Mercer, Inc.

The Duke Health Care Plan represents one of the most important benefits for faculty and their families and as such it is our hope that this meeting will provide a productive vehicle for faculty discussion.  At this meeting John Payne and Ken Spenner will comment on the FCC’s role in the current effort and suggest how additional insights might be gained from the survey data.  In addition they will project beyond this standardized accreditation survey to set the stage for discussion of continuing efforts aimed at improving and optimizing the Duke Managed Care Health Plan.

We plan to have a summary of the November 20 minutes including the presentation and discussion on this agenda item available on the Academic Council website on Monday for review by Council members prior to the meeting.