3:30 PM, 0012 Westbrook Building (Divinity School)

** A reception will follow the meeting

1.   Announcements

2.   Approval of minutes from March 18 meeting (minutes)

3.   Election of Faculty Secretary (background)

4.   Election of Executive Committee (ECAC) (bios)

5.   Information item:  Proposed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)  for Computing and Electronic Communication at Duke (Cover Memo) (FAQ) (AUP Gap Analysis) (ITAC Statement) (AUP Revisions/Signoffs)

6.   Update on eLearning Roadmap — Julian Lombardi, Assistant VP, Office of Information Technology

7.   Report on the Proposed Masters Advisory Council – Jo Rae Wright, Dean, Graduate School (Report)

8.   Proposal for the creation of a Masters in Biostatistics – Liz Delong, Chair, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (Q & A) (Provost Approval) (APC Approval) (Biostat Degree Oversight)

9.   Proposal from the Divinity School regarding the creation of two new Masters degrees and one new doctoral degree – Dr. Richard Hays, Interim-Dean, Divinity School (Cover Memo) (Provost Approval) (APC Approval)

10.  Proposal for the creation of a Masters in Fine Arts Degree – Stan Abe, Director, Arts of the Moving Image Program and Hans Van Miegroet, Chair of Art, Art History & Visual Studies  (Provost Approval) (APC Approval)

11.  [Executive Session]: Honorary Degrees (2011) Information item – vote taken at May Council meeting