Academic Council Meeting 
April 20, 2017
3:30 PM, 0012 Westbrook Building

1. Welcome / Announcements

2. Approval of minutes from the March 23, 2017 meeting (minutes)

3. Consent item: APC, Athletic Council, GPC and UPC year-end reports (APC Report) (GPC Report) (UPC Report) (Athletic Council Report)

4. Appendix N revision to the Faculty Handbook: Professors Emily Klein and Trina Jones, members of ECAC 
(Memo to AC)
(Appendix N Revised: Mark-up Version)
(Appendix N Revised: with changes accepted)
(Appendix N: as currently in the FHB)
(Ombuds Review Committee and Recommendations from the Diversity Task Force)

5. Strategic Plan Presentation: Provost Sally Kornbluth and Vice Provost for Strategic Planning Susan Lozier (Document)

6. Election of the Faculty Ombuds

7. [EXECUTIVE SESSION]: Honorary Degrees for Commencement 2018. Information item with vote taken at the May 11th meeting