Academic Council Meeting
April 18, 2024
3:30 – 5:00 PM
0012 Westbrook Building (Divinity School)

1. Welcome / Remarks from the Chair

2. Approval of the March 21, 2024 meeting minutes

3. Proposal for a Master of Nursing degree to replace the current Accelerated BSN degree: Professors Barbara Turner, Stephanie Gedzyk-Nieman and Jacqui McMillian-Bohler (Academics Programs Committee Resolution) (Cover Memo from the Provost)

4. A discussion to include senior leadership about the recent announcement related to the Reginaldo Howard Scholarship Program

5. A proposal from the Executive Committee of the Academic Council, working in partnership with the President’s and Provost’s Offices, to establish a committee to examine academic freedom and responsibility, free expression, and engagement (Document)

6. Report from the Committee to revise Appendix F in Duke’s Faculty Handbook: Professor Larry Zelenak, Law School (Cover Memo from Committee) (Draft Report) (Original Appendix F)

7. [EXECUTIVE SESSION]: Honorary Degrees for Commencement 2025. Candidates proposed have been posted on the Academic Council’s Sakai site since April 4th. Q & A if needed before vote is conducted later this month via Qualtrics.