3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.     Welcome / Announcements

2.     Approval of minutes from the March 21 meeting (minutes)

3.     Faculty Diversity Report – Provost Peter Lange (report)

4.     The Academic / Athletics Interface at Duke

        a)  Retrospective: Chris Kennedy, Deputy Director, Duke Athletics
        b)  Undergraduate Admissions: Christoph Guttentag, Dean, Undergraduate Admissions
        c)  Academic support for student athletes:
             Lee Baker, Dean for Academic Affairs for Arts & Sciences and 
             Brad Berndt, Associate Athletics Director
        d)  Current issues in athletics on the national front:
             Kevin White, VP & Director, Duke Athletics

5.    [EXECUTIVE SESSION]:  Honorary Degrees 2014 – Information item – vote taken at the May 9th Council meeting