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The Academic Council and the Executive Committee which it elects are the chief instruments of faculty governance at Duke University. The Bylaws of the University invite the Faculty in general, and the various quorums as well, to organize themselves in representative councils for discussion of matters of interest to each faculty grouping. These councils provide for representation of considered faculty opinion to the Administration, and less directly to the Trustees and any other bodies.


February 20, 2014: On behalf of the Academic Council, the Executive Committee of the Academic Council has established a faculty Task Force on Diversity charged with articulating a vision of a diverse and an inclusive Duke University for the next decade and beyond, examining our current position in relation to that vision, and recommending actions that will move us toward it.

May 7, 2015: Final report & slides presented to the Academic Council:  (report)   (slides)

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The Academic Council’s Faculty Compensation Committee has completed its biannual salary equity study based on data from 2014. The report delivered to the Academic Council on April 16 can be viewed here, together with supplementary material that provides additional explanations and details: Salary Equity Study.   |   Academic Council Home