Academic Council Meeting
September 20, 2018
3:30 – 5:00 PM
0012 Westbrook Building (Divinity School)

1. Welcome / Announcements

2. Election of members to the Academic Council's Faculty Hearing Committee: Consent Item (FHC Membership) 

3. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Honorary degrees for Commencement 2019: Action Item

4. Proposal from the School of Nursing: revisions to their Appointments, Promotion & Tenure Criteria: Marilyn Oermann, Director of Evaluation & Research in the School of Nursing and Sharron Docherty, Director, of the PhD in Nursing Program (School of Nursing Faculty Supporting Memo) (Provost's Supporting Memo) (Academic Programs Committee Resolution) (Proposal)

5. Annual report from AY 2017-18 from Faculty Ombuds Professor Tom Metzloff (Appendix N of the Faculty Handbook)