3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.    Approve minutes of the October 19 meeting (minutes)

2.    Announcements

3.    Executive Session – Honorary Degrees

4.    Request to create a dual J.D./DESS degree between University of Paris I and Sciences Po – Dean Elizabeth Gustafson

5.    Request to create a joint J.D./MEMP degree between the Law School and Pratt School of Engineering – Elizabeth Gustafson, Dean

6.    Request for a Duke-NUS joint Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree – Ed Buckley, Interim Vice Dean for Medical Education

7.    Proposal for a Masters of Management Studies (MMS) degree at Fuqua School of Business in partnership with Seoul National University – Will Mitchell, Deputy Dean

8.    Request to change the status of the African and African-American Studies Program from Program to Department. – Peter Lange, Provost; Charles Piot, Director

9.    Update on Central Campus – Peter Lange, Provost; Tallman Trask, Executive Vice President