Academic Council Meeting
May 11, 2017
3:30 PM, 0012 Westbrook Building

1. Welcome / Announcements

2. Approval of minutes from the April 20, 2017 meeting (minutes)

3. Nomination of candidates for earned degrees

4. [EXECUTIVE SESSION]: VOTE on Honorary Degrees for 2018

5. VOTE to Endorse Strategic Plan (document)

6. VOTE: Revisions to Appendix N in the Faculty Handbook
(Memo to AC)
(Appendix N Revised: Mark-up Version)
(Appendix N Revised: with changes accepted)
(Appendix N: as currently in the FHB)
(Ombuds Review Committee and Recommendations from the Diversity Task Force)

7. President Richard Brodhead to address the Council

8. Academic Council Recognition of President Brodhead

 Reception to follow meeting