3:30 p.m. – 0012 Westbrook (Divinity School)

1.    Announcements

2.    Approve minutes from the January 19 meeting (minutes)

3.    VOTE: Proposed bylaw changes regarding voting procedures for Council meetings — See page 3 background

4.    VOTE: Proposed bylaw change regarding the Faculty Secretary — See page 4 background

5.    Presentation by Professor Bill Kirby, Harvard University, and senior advisor for Duke in China

6.    Review and update of DKU Finances — Provost Peter Lange and Executive Vice Provost for Finances & Administration, Jim Roberts

7.    Proposed resolution from ECAC for DKU Initiative / vote taken at the March Council meeting (resolution)

8.    Anonymous question submitted for the Administration:

“What steps has the administration undertaken to ensure that what happened in the Potti case (i.e. academic fraud and multiple failures of various checks & balances including the IRBs) will not happen again?  Why has the administration not directly informed the faculty about this case as it has unfolded?  Such communication would have afforded the administration an opportunity to bring the faculty on board with meaningful recommendations and a strong public response to this case.”