Executive Committee (2023-24)
Trina Jones, Chair, Law School
Karin Reuter-Rice, School of Nursing
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, Statistical Science
Josh Sosin, Vice Chair, Classical Studies & History
Allan Kirk, School of Medicine - Surgery
Cam Harvey, Fuqua School of Business
Tyson Brown, Sociology
Merlise Clyde, Statistical Science
Faculty Hearing Committee (2023-24)
Functions defined in Appendix F of the Faculty Handbook. Elected annually by the Academic Council at their September meeting upon nomination by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council. Term: three years with terms ending on 9/30 of the member's term year.

Tom Metzloff, Chair (Law School) 2024
William (Bill) Mayew (Fuqua School of Business) 2025
Joseph Blocher (Law School) 2025
Geraldine (Geri) Dawson (School of Medicine) 2025
Adrienne Stiff-Roberts (Pratt School of Engineering) 2025
Herman Staats(School of Medicine) 2025
Peter Casarella (Divinity School) 2024 
Anthony Galanos (School of Medicine) 2024
Aarthi Vadde (English) 2024
Jennifer Wernegreen (Nicholas School of the Environment) 2024
Lee Baker (Cultural Anthropology) 2024
Kathryn Trotter (School of Nursing) 2024
Thea Portier-Young (Divinity School) 2026
Sarah Bermeo (Sanford School of Public Policy) 2026 
H. Timothy Lovelace (Law School) 2026
Mark Anthony Neal (African & African-American Studies) 2026
Nicole Larrier (School of Medicine) 2026

Faculty Compensation Committee (2023-24)
Monitors faculty compensation; studies issues relating to faculty salaries and benefits and advises the Administration in this area. Term: three years.

Amy Herring, Chair (Statistical Science) 2024
Sarah Bermeo (Sanford School of Public Policy) 2024
Carla Brady (School of Medicine/Gastroenterology) 2024
Sophia Santillan (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) 2025
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel (Statistical Science) 2026

Kim Harris (Provost’s Budget Office)

Faculty Scholars Committee (2023-24)
Selects undergraduate candidates for the faculty-endowed award. Term: three years

Sherryl Broverman, Chair (Biology & Global Health) 2024
Christine Payne (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) 2025
Connel Fullenkamp (Economics) 2024
Elizabeth Hauser (Biostatistics & Bioinformatics) 2024
Lee Baker (Cultural Anthropology) 2026