April 28, 2016
0012 Westbrook Building (Divinity School)
3:00 PM

1. Welcome / Announcements

2. Approval of minutes from the March 24, 2016 meeting (minutes)

3. [EXECUTIVE SESSION]: Honorary Degrees for Commencement 2017. Information item: vote taken at the May 12th meeting

4. VOTE:  Proposed name change to an existing program in the Women’s Studies Department
(Proposal) (Provost's Memo) (APC Resolution) 

5. Proposed Community statement from the Implementation Committee of the Academic Council’s Diversity Task Force: Professor Emily Klein, chair
(Community Statement)

6. Discuss motion introduced by members of ECAC to endorse the statement from Duke University leaders regarding HB2

7. Discuss motion introduced by Professor Karla Holloway at the March 24 AC meeting

8. Proposed new master’s degree in Quantitative Management from the Fuqua School of Business: Dean Bill Boulding & Senior Associate Dean Jennifer Francis
(Proposal) (Provost's Memo) (APC Resolution)

9. Proposed new PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures: Professor Victoria Szabo
​(Proposal) (Provost's Memo) (APC Resolution)