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Academic Council Committees

Academic Council Executive Committee (2020-21)

Elected by the Academic Council from its membership, the Executive Committee of the Academic Council (ECAC) meets weekly during the academic year and as necessary during the summer months. ECAC meets regularly with the senior officers of the university and a few times per year with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. ECAC serves as the Committee on Committees for the Academic Council and the university faculty.

Kerry Haynie, Chair, Political Science and African and African American Studies
Carla Brady, School of Medicine - Gastroenterology
Sherryl Broverman, Biology and Global Health Institute
Marin Levy, Vice Chair, Law School 
Laura Lieber, Religious Studies, Divinity, German Studies, and Classical Studies
Joel Meyer, Nicholas School of the Environment
Manoj Mohanan, Sanford School of Public Policy
Anne West,  School of Medicine - Neurobiology

Faculty Hearing Committee (2020-21)
Functions defined in Appendix N of the Faculty Handbook. Elected annually by the Academic Council at their September meeting upon nomination by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council. Term: three years with terms ending on 9/30 of the member's term year.

Sam Buell, Chair (Law School) 2021
Stefani Engelstein (German Studies) 2023
Margaret Humphreys (History / Medicine) 2023
H. Timothy Lovelace (Law School) 2023
Priscilla Wald (English) 2023
John Wiener (Urology / Medicine) 2023
Tanya Chartrand (Fuqua School of Business) 2022
Stefano Curtarolo (Pratt School of Engineering) 2022
Deborah DeMott (Law School) 2022
Nicole Larrier (Radiation Oncology / Medicine) 2022
Paul Magwene (Biology) 2022
Jennifer Groh (Psychology and Neuroscience) 2021
Janice Humphreys (School of Nursing) 2021
Anand Lagoo (School of Medicine) 2021
Betty Tong (School of Medicine) 2021
Ernest Young (Law School) 2021

Faculty Compensation Committee (2019-20)
Monitors faculty compensation; studies issues relating to faculty salaries and benefits and advises the Administration in this area. Term: three years.

Craig Henriquez, Chair (Biomedical Engineering & Computer Science) 2021
Sherryl Broverman (Biology / Member of ECAC) 2021
Sayan Mukherjee (Statistical Science) 2021
Hayden Bosworth (Medicine / Psychology & Behavioral Sciences) 2020
Sharron Docherty (School of Nursing) 2020
Rick Hoyle (Psychology & Neuroscience) 2020

Kim Harris (Provost’s Budget Office)

Faculty Scholars Committee (2020-21)
Selects undergraduate candidates for the faculty-endowed award. Term: three years

Sally Deutsch, Chair (History) 2021
Doug Boyer (Evolutionary Anthropology) 2021
Danny Lew (Pharmacology and Cancer Biology) 2021
Jarvis McInnis (English) 2021
Hai (Helen) Li (Pratt School of Engineering) 2022

Faculty Committee on Elections (2019-20)
Supervises the election of members of the Academic Council. Term: two years.

Lee Baker, Chair (Cultural Anthropology) 2020
Dominika Baran (English/Linguistics) 2020
John Wiener (School of Medicine), 2021