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Trustee Committees

Only faculty representatives are listed. Except as noted, all committee
members are elected annually by the Board of Trustees upon nomination by
the Executive Committee of the Academic Council.

Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs (2016-17)

The Academic Affairs Committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the University, in coordination with the Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee and the Undergraduate Education Committee. The work of the Academic Affairs Committee includes the articulation of the academic mission of the University, enhancing the quality of the academic program, considering new academic programs and significant modifications in existing academic programs, fostering faculty development and other faculty priorities, all matters relating to the graduate and professional student experience (including academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular affairs), promoting scholarly research, and overseeing strategic planning for the University and its constituent schools.

  • Erika Weinthal (Nicholas School of the Environment / Chair, Global Priorities Committee)
  • Trina Jones (Law / Member of ECAC)
  • Emily Bernhardt (Biology / Chair, Academic Programs Committee)
  • Josh Sosin (Classical Studies / Member of ECAC)

Committee on Honorary Degrees (2016-17)

Recommends candidates for Honorary Degrees to the Academic Council and to the Board of Trustees. These recommendations must be approved by both the Academic Council and the Board of Trustees for the degree to be granted. (Subcommittee of Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs.) Term of appointment: three years.

  • Randy Matory, Cultural Anthropology (2018)
  • Jamie Boyle, Law School (2017)
  • Susan Lozier, Nicholas School of the Environment (2017)
  • Tom Rankin, Art, Art History & Visual Studies (2017)
  • Chris Woods, Medicine (2019)

Trustee Committee on Facilities & Environment (2016-17)

The Facilities and Environment Committee is responsible for all planning, construction, maintenance, expansion, and renovation projects that impact the University’s consolidated infrastructure, physical facilities, and natural environment, including its lands, improvements, and capital equipment. Within parameters established by the Committee and approved by the Board, the Committee oversees capital projects; designs for projects; and certain capital projects of Duke University Health System, Inc.; the selection and appointment of architects, construction managers, and contractors for such projects; acquisition or disposition of property; and operation and maintenance projects of a certain magnitude. The Committee makes appropriate recommendations to the Board concerning the University’s Master Plan, buildings, grounds, roads, walkways, parking facilities, utilities, and environmental sustainability and policies relating thereto.

  • Tom Metzloff (Law School)
  • Andrew Janiak (Philosophy / Member of ECAC)

Trustee Committee on Business and Finance (2016-17)

The Business and Finance Committee is responsible for safeguarding and monitoring the University’s financial stability and long-term economic health. The Committee serves as the Board’s principal forum for the consideration of matters relating to the University’s business operations, administration, budgeting, financing, financial reporting, and financial reserves. On a regular basis the Committee provides the Board with complete financial overviews of the University and recommends policies and procedures governing the funding of yearly operational plans and the financing of long-term capital needs.

  • Grainne Fitzsimons (Fuqua School of Business / Member of ECAC)
  • Don Taylor (Sanford School of Public Policy / Chair, University Priorities Committee)

Trustee Committee on Institutional Advancement (2016-17)

The Institutional Advancement Committee reviews, discusses, and, when appropriate and necessary, recommends action on important and substantive issues and proposals involving development, public affairs and government relations, community affairs, and alumni affairs. The Committee reviews and recommends University-wide policies and practices concerning philanthropic giving, fundraising initiatives, alumni programming, communications and media, government and public relations, and community affairs.

  • Gary Bennett (Psychology & Neuroscience)
  • Laceye Warner (Divinity School)

Trustee Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee (2016-17)

The Medical Center Academic Affairs Committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the Medical Center (defined as the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, and all academic institutes and programs affiliated with any of these schools), and makes recommendations on programs and policies of the Medical Center, including oversight of strategic planning for constituent schools and programs within the Medical Center.

  • Ebony Boulware (School of Medicine)
  • Kirsten Corazzini (School of Nursing / Member of ECAC)
  • Mari Shinohara (Immunology / Member of ECAC)

Trustee Committee on Undergraduate Education (2016-17)

The Undergraduate Education Committee is responsible for the academic, social, ethical, and personal development of undergraduate students. In coordination with the Faculty, Graduate and Professional Schools Affairs Committee, the Undergraduate Affairs Committee oversees and recommends policies relating to the undergraduate experience, including academic studies; curriculum; residence life; student governance and activities; and the general physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of undergraduate students.

  • Nan Jokerst (Electrical and Computer Engineering / Chair, Academic Council 2015-17)
  • Emily Klein (Nicholas School of the Environment / Member of ECAC)

Committee on Trusteeship (2016-17)

The Trusteeship Committee supports the Executive Committee in assessing the composition of the Board, and based on that assessment recommends candidates for nomination and election as members of the Board. The Trusteeship Committee identifies candidates for membership on the Board of Trustees, and recommends to the Executive Committee, which then recommends to the Board for the Board’s approval, candidates for nomination as members of the Board.

  • Nan Jokerst (Electrical and Computer Engineering / Chair, Academic Council)
  • Joshua Socolar (Physics / former Chair of Academic Council)

Trustee Audit Committee (2016-17)

The Audit Committee serves as the representative of the Board in meeting the University’s statutory and fiduciary obligations. The Committee has principal oversight responsibility for management’s system of financial internal controls and the controls over external reporting, the internal and external audit processes, the regulatory compliance functions, institutional ethics and conflicts of interest, and the risk management process. The Committee provides an open avenue of communication between the independent auditor, the Office of Internal Audits, and the Board of Trustees.

  • Dennis Clements (Pediatrics & Global Health)
  • Bill Mayew (Fuqua School of Business)

Trustee Human Resources Committee (2016-17)

The Human Resources Committee oversees the University’s human resources policies and practices and advises the President, other members of the University administration, and the Board of Trustees on major aspects of workforce planning, strategy and investment to ensure that the workforce configuration and culture are optimally suited to the strategic needs of Duke and reflect the University’s values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Committee advances the University’s mission by promoting fair and respectful practices and compliance with all applicable employment, labor and workplace laws.

  • Ellen Davis (Divinity School)
  • Jane Onken (Gastroenterology)