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Academic Council Committees

Academic Council Executive Committee (2013-14)

Elected by the Academic Council from its membership, the Executive Committee of the Academic Council (ECAC) meets weekly during the academic year and as necessary during the summer months. ECAC meets regularly with the senior officers of the university and a few times each year with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, and serves as the Committee on Committees for the Academic Council and the university faculty.

Josh Socolar, Physics, chair
Sara Beale, Law School
Dennis Clements
, Pediatrics & Global Health
Katherine Franz, Chemistry
Nan Jokerst, Pratt School of Engineering
Brenda Nevidjon, School of Nursing
Don Talyor, Sanford School of Public Policy
Maurice Wallace, English & African and African-American Studies

Faculty Committee on Elections (2013-14)
Supervises the election of members of the Academic Council. Term: two years.

Craig Henriquez, chair, (Biomedical Engineering & Computer Science) 2015
Lori Bennear (Nicholas School of the Environment) 2014
Don Taylor (Sanford School of Public Policy) 2014

Faculty Compensation Committee (2013-14)
Monitors faculty compensation; studies issues relating to faculty salaries and benefits and advises the Administration in this area. Term: three years.

Julie Britton (Fuqua School of Business) 2014
Marianna Torgovnick (English) 2014
Patrick Wolf (Biomedical Engineering) 2014
Helen (Sunny) Ladd (Sanford School of Public Policy) 2015
Jerry Reiter, chair, (Statistical Science) 2015

Kim Harris (Provost’s Budget Office)

Faculty Hearing Committee (2013-14)
Functions defined in Appendix N of the Faculty Handbook. Elected annually by the Academic Council upon nomination by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council — term: three years.

Cristina Hendrix (School of Nursing) 2016
Willie Jennings (Divinity School) 2016
Trina Jones (Law School) 2016
Terrence Oas (Biochemistry) 2016
Jocelyn Olcott (History) 2016
Manju Puri (Fuqua School of Business) 2016
Steffen Bass (Physics) 2015
Philip Rosoff (Pediatrics – Oncology/Hematology) 2015
Mary (Tolly) Boatwright (Classical Studies) 2015
Sam Buell (Law School) 2014
Nan Jokerst (Electrical & Computer Engineering) 2014
Tom Metzloff, chair, (Law School) 2014

Faculty Scholars Committee (2013-14)
Selects undergraduate candidates to nominate to the Academic Council for the faculty-endowed award. Term: three years

Cynthia Kuhn (Pharmacology & Cancer Biology) 2016
Chris Dwyer (Pratt School of Engineering) 2015
Jimmy Roberts, chair, (Economics) 2015
Carlos Rojas (Asian & Middle Easter Studies) 2015
Tom Ferraro (English) 2014   |   Academic Council Home